Tuesday, September 9, 2008

finally paved!

The main street that intersects ours at the end of the block has been torn up for months...we're talkin' March or April. They've slowly made progress throughout the summer. All the through traffic has been detoured in front of our house. Also, there is this terrible bump that they've failed to keep maintained and filled with gravel that you have to go over every single time you come or go. I've thought about complaining to the city several times, but haven't.
Then they filled the road back in with dirt. And they were wiring stuff. Then the sidewalks got poured...and each time we would get excited, and think that maybe they were getting close to being done soon. Nope, just wishful thinking.
Well today, when I came home for lunch, there were asphalt trucks lined up in front of our house. And when I got home from work, those guys were still working. Better be!
Tomorrow, it will be so nice to have to actually come to a complete stop at the stop sign, and turn onto that smooth pavement.
Oh, glorious day. I have waited for you for so long!

and for your viewing pleasure...
Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates are both geniuses in their own ways.

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