Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chelan County Fair

...that's where we spent last Friday night. I told the gals at work that we were going, and they said I was going to laugh because I'm used to the big Puyallup Fair...and this one doesn't compare.

We checked out all of the arts & crafts and agriculture exhibits, with Gary's 1st place photo being the highlight.

We ate german sausage corndogs & a basket of fries...healthy, but tasty!

There wasn't a ferris wheel {what fair doesn't have a ferris wheel!?} and I wasn't up for any of the spinney upsidedown rides , so I took some pictures instead.

Then tried my luck at the bulldozer & coin game.

I think that's the only game I like luck though.

Then onto the animal exhibits.
All the goats were super friendly.

and these 2 played and played and played, or fought? with each other.

The pigs were asleep already.

I couldn't resist this shot!

When we got to the cow barn, I did laugh because of the size of the fair.
There were like 6 cows.
That was it.
My mom would have been disappointed, I was.
But this one looked so clean and soft, she made me happy.

And that was the Chelan County Fair.
We had fun, but I think I'm gonna stick with the state fairs.

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