Monday, September 8, 2008

Labor Day weekend festivities.

ok, so maybe we'll skip the "Leavenworth adventure" I promised from the last post because as fun as it was, the pictures aren't all that great.
And no pictures is no fun.

Onto Labor Day.
Friday evening after work, rush home, chow down some dinner, pack our bags, and hit the road for Maple Valley; home of Mr. & Mrs. Holstein who graciously host 7 rowdy Cougar fans for the annual WSU game at Qwest Field in Seattle.
Cory and I played a little game on the drive...we counted all the boats that passed us headed toward eastern Washington somewhere. 67, and that was just in a 2 hour time-span. We should have counted RV's & trailers & campers as well.
Everyone hit the hay shortly after arriving, because we would need rest for the game the next day. Tailgating festivities began at 9:00 am down near the stadium, for a 12:30 kickoff.

Here's Fish {Aaron...happy birthday to him that day!} and Vanessa & Nate...and there's a baby Holstein named Baron growing in there!

We didn't have tickets to the game. Reason being, that last year they {the other members of the group...we weren't able to go because we were in Yellowstone}. Anyway, they were able to get tickets super cheap from someone the day-of. So we had the same plan this year; to not pre-purchase tickets, and we'd just get them if we decided to go into the game.
This year those Cougars were playing Oklahoma State...hmm, good luck. We stayed in the parking lot and listened to the first part of the game on the radio. Once they started to lose bad enough, we decided to forgo finding tickets, and go get a bite to eat at the Pyramid. Then back to the Holstein's for a game of horse, some pickle ball, and more food.

Cory isn't letting me post the picture of him in the mullet wig,
{he was so pretty!} here's one of us.

Oh, and by the way, the Cougars did end up losing :(
...and so did the Huskies

That night, the boys took their annual trip to the Muckleshoot Casino for Gabe's one crazy bet on the roulette table. He puts all his money down on red. One spin. Double it, or lose it. He's done it for 3 years now, and won every he keeps increasing his bet each year. And he cashes out in all $1 bills. All $600 of it this time. Why? I have no clue. It's Gabe. I shouldn't say it, but one of these times he's going to lose.
Then the boys go and eat sushi. Meanwhile, the girls are all tucked in and asleep at home.

The next morning we had breakfast, the boys played Mario Kart for a while on the Wii. Then Cory & I packed up our things, and headed for the Mulikteo ferry. We were headed to Scatchet Head on Whidbey Island.
We visited with my grandparent's and their posse, walked the beach,
{he was bringing me a crab}

and camped in our tent for a night.

Monday morning we got up, had breakfast, put camp away, and picked blackberries.
{later, I made a pie}

Then, it was back in the truck for more driving. This time, north through the island, to Bellingham...since Whidbey was so close, I was able to sweet talk my way into a visit to Treasury :)
*sorry, I had no ETA to tell you TOM girls about, so we just showed up!
After a visit & some new goodies, we were on the road again.
We stopped in Mt. Vernon to see Mr. Fischer's pad. He changed schools from Clallam Bay to civilization and is just getting settled in. I forsee many visits to Mt. Vernon in our future!
Next stop was the Gap outlet...I need work clothes/excuse to shop :)
We finally got home around 10:20pm on monday night, and it sure was nice to have a short work week last week!

And since I like to do those maps with our giant driving's the one from this weekend.
I think it was somewhere a little over 500 miles.

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