Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the past few weeks - a little recap

well, I guess it's a whole month in review.
get ready, its a long list...we've been real busy!

Cory called in the middle of the day the thursday before I started work because he wasn't too busy at the shop, wanting to know if I would like to go up and check out Rocky Reach Dam. Knowing that soon we wouldn't be able to randomly do something fun in the middle of a weekday, he took the rest of the afternoon off and we went. He hadn't been in years, and it was a first for me. Pretty cool. I'm always so intrigued with powerful. There had also been all this talk of all the mondo-salmon that people had been catching in the river, so we were hoping to see some of those guys in the fish ladder, and we did. And the day was good.

see the album of photos here.

I had mentioned our little day trip to the Potholes earlier...
My brother was camping with some friends, and we decided we'd go visit. I called him before we left, I called him several times as we were driving, I called him when we were almost answer. We found their campsite {that place is only so big, and I had a good idea where they were}, I saw his truck, and I could see his phone sitting on the front seat of his truck with a bunch of missed calls from me. He was out in the boat. Without his phone. So, Cory and I went to go check out the state park. We sat a little while, people watched, played catch with the football, called a few more times. Went back to the campsite, no sign of anyone. So then, we decided to explore the area a little, and went for a mini-hike to a little lake we found a trail head for. We were sitting on a rock, looking at the water, and up pops a frog! He quickly went back under when we {or I} scared him with excitement. But we were still for a little while, and we noticed that there were frogs everywhere! We tried getting the best pictures we could, and finally Justin called. We went to go see him and some other friends for a little bit, then headed home. We took a different route and went through Vantage and stopped to take some pictures at the "scenic viewpoint." Ever see the wild horse monument up on the hill?...well I talked Cory into climbing that hill :) ...because we needed more adventure in our day.

here are all of our pictures.

Went to Lake Chelan to just hang out for the day with the fam. Went swimmin, out on the boat, played some bocce, and had a good time.

First day of work at Key Bank. Wow, I have a lot to learn! I know that remembering client's names will come with time, but I am so terrible with names to begin with, and of course they all remember you as the newbie.

Remember that ice cream I was talking about making? We made some. It turned out alright. We used half & half, which doesn't have enough fatty in it, so it was more light & airy rather than rich & creamy.
I do have to say, that mixer is awesome!

7.26 & 27.08
Worked on small projects around the house. Installed a floodlight out on the back patio, added a few outlets in the garage, got the garage door opener working, cleaned up the garage a bit more and put up storage hooks for extension cords & shovels & rakes & such. Ok, so we worked on small projects around the garage. But now I can park in there, and Cory has his little tool center, so we're happy :)

Our first photography class. Class is from 6:00-8:30, and I get off work around 5:15. So I ran home to change, then picked Cory up from work, and we drove together. Then I had to drop him off at his truck on the way home...we need to come up with a better transportation system for next time.
I'm so excited to learn HOW to use all the manual settings on my camera. This class is going to be good. Oh, and also, it is being taught by John Kelly, our wedding photographer.

are we dorks or what?!

We got an assignment in class to take pictures using certain functions on our cameras...due next class/tomorrow, so off we went to take pictures after work while we still had some daylight.

Photo class. This time we just went separately, straight from work. What a long day!

My Aunt & Uncle took just Cory & I out to dinner at a delicious little steakhouse, called the Windmill. They were in at the shop getting some part for their boat, and asked if we'd like to go. :)

These 2 pretty girls stayed with us. Lindsay came from Denver for her annual family vacation at Lake Chelan, and Melissa came over from Seattle to play.

Cory took us chicks out on a boat on Lake Entiat for some fun in the sun.
{I need to stop being a wuss and bending my knees, and use the wake & straighten my legs to jump}

Later that evening, Cory and I hustled up to Leavenworth to see the Sound of Music. Very neat production. The theater is outside at the old ski hill in Leavenworth, and there are a ton of very clever set changes, and lots of talent on that stage...I totally recommend it!
p.s. Wear jeans & a sweatshirt & a jacket, and bring a blanket. Don't wear a cute little sundress with have to walk up that ski hill, and then it gets very cold. We were totally unprepared attire-wise, and when we saw the gear everyone else was carrying in from the parking lot, we did grab the blanket in the truck. But got cold!

Drive to Lake Chelan so I could spend some more quality time with Lindsay & her family. Cory went to help a friend who was having problems with their boat. Then we met up with some other friends, Tyler & Andrea, for a late lunch at JR's. On the way home we stopped for some assignment pictures.

Photography class, another long day.

Work, then drive back up to Chelan to visit with Lindsay before she headed back to Denver. Oh, and we had a burger at the Lakeview Drive-In while watching more idiots at the boat launch. Good times!

Our last photography class, woo! We had a lot of fun though, and learned a TON.
Then we came home and played with that Ms. Mantis on our front porch.

Cory's friend, Aaron came over for dinner. He had just returned from a month of traveling through 9 countries in Europe solo, and had a few pictures and stories to share.

It was finally a nice evening with no wind down on the river, so we went wakeboarding. Actually, I wakeskated and rode the roam...a little different than a wakeboard, no fins.

Yard work: pulled weeds, mowed the "lawn" and spread gravel in the driveway and side of garage.

Back to Lake Chelan again after work. This time to deliver a boat to a customer and tow his old one back to the shop. We had dinner at the Hungry Belly in town, and it was super tasty!

Mr. & Mrs. Carlson {Annie & Brian} came to visit! We went to Lake Chelan {wow, we've been there a lot this summer} This time was so much fun! We took the boat out, and just floated, and swam, and wakeboarded a little. Annie wanted to bring the we did that as well.

That was the record high temp that was set in Wenatchee. It was too bad we couldn't show those two around town a little bit more than we did, it was just too darn hot! It was a nice & relaxing day though; they got to sleep in, Cory made breakfast, then we went and checked out a few shops of the Ave, and got a sweet treat at the Owl Soda Fountain before they headed back to Seattle.

Cory's radiator decided to poop he replaced it in the garage. Thankfully, the weather has cooled off quite a bit from the weekend.

After work, we're going up to Chelan again. This time to visit one of Cory's old college roommates & his wife + 11 month old baby Blake.

Dinner at King Ludwig's in Leavenworth with my Grandparents and the rest of the Feil crew.

Cory's cousin, Shana, is getting married...hopefully the weather won't be quite as hot as last weekend.
*oh, also 2 sets of friends...Scott & Marianne, and Tyler & Andrea have gotten engaged in the past week {congrats to them!} more weddings!

The weekend after this is Labor Day already, and WSU is playing their annual game at Qwest Field.
The following weekend, one of my bestest friends, Amber is having her baby shower.
And the weekend after that, we leave for our cruise!
And then summer is over...and I am so looking forward to autumn around here :) although, I don't think we'll be slowing down much.

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