Saturday, August 23, 2008

random saturday

I've been playing around with this awesome website, picnik. I found it from Alissa, who found it from Patti, and I'm hooked. It's awesome! So many cool things you can do to your photos.
Since we've been there so many times this summer...

I just got my hairs cut, and we've got that wedding to go to in a bit...
so I'm gonna go play with my new do and paint my toes.

Oh, and I have to share with you, our gift because I think everything should come in a pretty package. {her colors are pink & brown}

and this is what's inside:

I apologize for the poor photo, but the gift is pretty clever I thought.

and one more thing...
hey Julie, look what I found at Walgreens today, limited edition:

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Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll be heading to Walgreens! Yum :)