Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am such a tree hugger.
I try to recycle everything, and I've transformed Cory into an obsessive-recycler as well. :) It's painful to throw something away knowing that its going to a landfill when it could be recycled.
Curbside recycling service is part of garbage service over here in Wenatchee...which we don't have. It's available, of course, but we just take our trash to the shop {its an extra little bill that we don't have to worry about}. So by not paying for garbage service and just getting get rid of it ourselves, we have to get rid of the recycling ourselves as well.
Paper isn't too difficult to get rid of, there are collection places all over. But we don't know of anywhere that would take plastic bottles & we've been collecting:

That bag is FULL of crushed water bottles that have been piling up for about 2 months now. Yesterday we found a place that takes plastic! What a relief to get rid of all that stuff.
I think we might look into garbage & recycling service...the small cost might be worth not having to deal with the hassle of hauling our 'stuff' all over the place to get rid of it.

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