Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday randoms...

The other day I was at Top Foods, and I saw these cherries:

...pretty cool to see in the grocery store.

I was checkin' things out over at this website, and saw this:

it's a "mowercycle" and I think I need one...

It's been a while...but after my recent trip to Treasury, and staring at the mountain of yummy paper that has been slowly growing on my desk...I'm really feeling the need to get crafty. I've been fueling my mojo over at 2ps, and once I sort through my loads of pictures and get some of them printed, maybe I'll get to work.
Oh, I did do a layout a few weeks ago:

We bought a half gallon of half & half at Costco the other day with plans of making ice cream. I have one of those ice cream attachments you can get for your Kitchen Aid mixer, so {in theory} we should have good results. I think I'll try vanilla first.

I'm starting my new job on Wednesday, and wouldn't one of these pretty little bags be fun to bring my lunch in?

And this is the coolest etched mirror I think I've ever seen. I should make one for my best friend, Lindsay. She is constantly admiring herself in the mirror, and she recently got her own place and is in need or decor.

Ok, that's it for now. Happy weekend!

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