Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wake Kite

Remember a while ago when I was talking about going wakeboarding?
Well, its been so windy lately and we are so spoiled with good water *most* of the time, that we can be picky about the days we decide to go out on...which has only been twice this season. The water is still cold too!

Anyway, we took a boat out the day after the 4th with some friends.
I wakeboarded & surfed, and was oh-so-happy to have my wetsuit!

The other night we went out again...with a new toy. Its this wakekite that is kinda hard to explain via blog...basically, it gives you more air when you jump.
Cory was the guinea pig...thank goodness he didn't break himself.

Then it was his friend, Brandon's turn.

I didn't try that crazy contraption, I just stuck to the plain ol' wakeboard. No pictures {sadly} because Cory was driving the boat, and Brandon was afraid of the camera.
I did get a cool sequence of him crashing trying to pull off a 360 though:

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SadieMBeagle said...

Oh snap! I have to try that!