Saturday, April 26, 2008


There is this new webkinz craze...very popular with the kids {and mom's!} Its similar to the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990's {which I never fully embraced}, but 10 years later...of course technology has found its way into these soft & adorable stuffed animals...hence the name WEBkinz.

I have not jumped on the bandwagon {yet}, so I guess I don't really understand the whole obsession. We are having a Webkinz Extravaganza! at Treasury this weekend, and boy has it caused quite the excitement.

We were expecting another shipment yesterday. Julie & Ian were there in the morning, went to Costco...and came back after Mr. UPS Man made his delivery {she says there were some needed items and they had lunch...I think she was just trying to kill time}.
She wanted THIS one:

Yes Julie, very cute cocker spaniel :)

Also, I feel like I've crossed over to the dark my new friend Hairy the Hippo:

{I couldn't resist those cute little ears!}
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

AHA!!! We have sucked you over to the dark side :) Cute hippo! Hey, guess who just made reservations for their hotel because someone is getting married in Leavenworth next month????

Anonymous said...

Webkinz are so addicting, but dont feel bad, because I have 38, and I couldnt resist the webkinz blue hippo either!