Monday, November 12, 2007

weekend debrief

So Cory decided to come to Bellingham {in the Monte} for my three-day weekend, in honor of Veterans' Day. We did all kinds of exciting activities such as....laundry {yes, finally}, played scrabble {he beat me bigtime, but we did use up all the letter tiles!}, collected sea glass at the beach {found a big piece of blue and a red one!}, went to Pita Pit {so tasty, but such an ordeal because it took like 35 minutes to park downtown}, watched the Wizard of Oz on TV {ok, so it was just the end when they entered the land of Oz} we also watched a dog show {I feel like we are now qualified enough to judge best-in-show}, we cooked some tasty stuff {and washed a lot of dishes}, spent like 5 hours in the library yesterday - and a few hours the day before {I wrote 2 papers, Cory worked on crosswords}, didn't sleep much last night due to the wind gusting 70+ mph {there are a bunch of trees outside my scares me!}, the wind lasted through the day, and we went down to Boulevard Park to check out the waves and took lots'a pictures...I guess you would have to know where this photo was taken to understand how big these waves really are.

The seagulls had a play-day in all this wind. That "stuff" is seaweed which usually makes its line a foot or two below that bulkhead of rocks.

The boats were a'rockin!

Us all windblown and braving the storm. Right about this time, KOMO TV rolled into the parking lot for a live report from Bellingham about the storm. I never lost my power, but Annie & Brian lost their cable {so they had to come over to watch the Seahawks game tonight}, and there was tree damage to my building...
Good thing that isn't on the side where I live...but still! I'm glad this big bad wind storm is past us, phew!


SadieMBeagle said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you are safe. You shouldn't have been out on the beach in that weather - you could have gotten hit with a flying log! Seriously.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are okay.
Grandma and Grandpa