Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things that make me HAPPY today:

  • Sunshine & the birdies chirping outside my window...signs that Spring is finally here!
  • Finishing presentations & turning in final assignments {but there are still finals...eww}
  • ...followed by Spring break "Canadian Adventure"
  • Free Starbucks Coffee tomorrow!
  • New Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night!
    {with Lindsay & Melissa}
  • Girl Scout cookies
  • Growing my very own little shamrocks
I got this "garden in a bag" kit from Sally O'Feil :) for St. Patty's Day. I think it is the coolest idea ever! I have actually been wanting a house plant for a while. Well...I have one at home that my Mom babysits for me, I just haven't brought it up to school; plus this one is'll grow to be a bushy little patch of clovers. There is some sort of feeling of accomplishment {hoping I'm able to keep it happy} about growing something from seed. I planted the little seeds on Friday, and in less than a week...look what I've got! I wake up each morning and check the growth...I feel like a little kid, but its so exciting! What a neat idea to grow cute little green good luck clovers...out of a bag!

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