Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'm addicted...

I never thought I would be one of these people, but I can't go a day without it {seriously}. My Mr. Coffee is my best friend, and we make a cup every morning together. I went to the early church service on Sunday and me & Mr. Coffee didn't have time to rendezvous that morning, so I went problem, I could just stop at Starbucks afterwards {I love Love LOVE my vanilla lattes!} As I was driving to Costco after church {to pick up pictures to scrapbook ~ my other addiction} I decided I would save my $3.54 and I thought "hey, I guess this'll be my test to see if I can go a day without or not." I continued on with my day...gathering fun scrapbooky things at Michael's, Treasury, JoAnn, Stampadoodle, & PaperZone {I didn't get stuff at all these places, but they are all on my must-stop-at list and I have to see whats new and if they have anything I need}. I came home, starting to get a headache, but it was just past lunchtime and the only thing I was running on was a nanner. So I make myself a sammich; now my tummy was full, but my head still hurting. Then I got to work playing with my new fun things {it was Sunday, and I've had all this creative energy lately...} My head hurts, I'm really feeling tired, and that creative energy wasn't really flowing...I NEED coffee!!! Around 4:00 I broke down and put that Mr. Coffee to work. Within 15 or 20 minutes, when the caffeine started to flow through my bloodstream I started to feel better. I had a result to my experiment...I can't go a day without coffee.
Of course I have to enjoy my coffee out of his ginormous mug {16 ouncer}...I also have several other backup mugs... maybe coffee is at the root of my mug obsession...
And yes, I wrote this with my coffee in-hand :)

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Anonymous said...

Run around the block, it will do you good, it gets you heart rate up thus waking you up, the more you do the better you feel, (kinda like Beans if you catch my drift!) healthy, and good for the mind!.