Thursday, March 1, 2007

3 weeks and counting...

'till the first day of Spring!

This winter has been filled with such weird weather...from the record rain in November, the windstorm in December, and the several days of snow in between {sounds like a good idea for a minibook to me!} As if all that hasn't been enough, I woke up this morning to this *glow* in my bedroom that you get when everything is c
overed in white outside. I rushed to the window...and sure enough...there must have been 5" and it was still coming down - it's the first day of MARCH!!

I grabbed my camera to get out and take some pictures before it stopped snowing and it started to melt.

I know this tree is t
he subject of just about all of my snowy pictures in Bellingham...but its close to my front door, and pretty, and gets the job done.

You can see the flakes still coming down if you click on the other picture.

This is just craziness to me...its March, and I'm starting to think about green grass and pretty flowers, but its snowing!

I feel like I should dig out a scarf, put some boots on, and go venture out in the cold to enjoy the stuff one last time {hopefully} for the year.

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