Wednesday, August 7, 2013


watching the sun sink behind the hills earlier and earlier, summer is getting shorter.
drinking cucumber basil lemonade, sometimes spiked.
signing up for another booth in our local wedding show this winter.
teaching my other half how important it is for me to get a good night of sleep.
wearing cotton dresses after work, everyday.
eating simple & delicious food off our new Weber grill.
enjoying what we can of our busy summer.
thrilled that we might get some of type of harvest from our pathetic garden this season.
washing laundry only on the weekends.
excited to be talking to 2014 brides.
reading feedly.
laughing at our silly little doggie and his crazy antics!
feeling overwhelmed, but like we've totally got things under control.
believing we'll find ourselves the perfect new house + yard.
loving that I have the most awesome life & business partner, he makes my days better ♥

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