Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten on 10, July

As I was uploading this months group of ten shots, I realized the theme of this months story is fruit & Tucker.
Starting at the end of the day and working backwards this time, here we go...

1. When it's not windy (as shown), we're loving spending time outside.  Don't judge my dead grass...unfortunately we haven't had irrigation water for about a month now so we're using house-water, which means we've cut back on the watering time and it's hard to keep up with these 95-103° days.

2. We circled the block on the way home from Cory's Mom's birthday get-together (notice the party-bandanna!) for an extended car him! ♥

3. Apricots are here!

4. Tucker helping pick or mean dog-mom?  You really can't beat perfectly ripened fruit still warm from the sun, fresh off the tree!

5. Yeah, those peaches were good too! (...and plums, and an early apple!)  Yes, I'm totally rubbing it in!

6. I said back in June, that I was pretty excited about my hydrangea this it is!

7. Trying to keep that garden watered!  Looking forward for a massive amount of beets!!

8. Work.

9. Spoiled dog on the bed!  It was too hot for him to be outside for long when I came home during lunch.  He doesn't know yet that he'll be going for a car ride to visit some of his favorite people (and get put in a tree!)  Pretty ruff day for the pooch...

10. On the way to work...C makes me a muffin + fruit + coffee to-go every single morning.

That's it for July!  Trying to get through some more photos to share what we've been up to this summer (it's been a busy one!)

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