Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Wrap-Up

knock, knock....anybody home?

Just dropping by to blow off some dust, I know it's been a while.
Life seems to have gotten a little bit too busy to sit down at a keyboard every now and then to write about and choose pictures to share.  I don't know what my blogging plans will be for 2013, but I thought I would at least make one last appearance before the new year and get everyone up to speed on what the latter part of 2012 looked like for us....

Our garden grew and produced just the perfect amount of produce for us two Farming Feil's.

We did some canning (jam, beets, tomatoes, applesauce), and froze some (hubbard squash, roasted tomatoes) to last us through the winter months until our next bountiful harvest.

We (and when I say "we" I mean Cory) documented how it grew by taking a "Garden Cam" picture almost every single day, between 6 & 7 pm from the exact same spot on a little bracket he built on a stump.  I made a time lapse slideshow of all the images from May 20th to October 28th...a little bit boring, but kind of funny to see the weeds growing between the raised beds then all of a sudden they are gone, and the occasional appearance of myself or the dog.  It still amazes me that it all starts from tiny little seeds in the spring.

Cory got a brand-spankin-new truck.  The 15-year old red "Chevy Rumble" was good to us, but with 250k miles it was getting tired and we were ready for an upgrade.

The "new car smell" didn't last long due to several weeks of smoke from wildfires sparked by pretty amazing lightning storm that burned and burned and burned over here.

The air quality in the Wenatchee Valley rose past unhealthy to hazardous, but our ashy crops had to be harvested...

We were cooped up inside for the nicest weeks of the summer.

Cory ran his first half marathon!  He trained and trained, either running or riding his bike all summer long, and he ran the entire 13.1 miles in under two hours without stopping to walk, which was his goal when he first decided to sign up.
Great job Cory, I'm so proud of you!

My dad was our guide on a successful fishing trip on the Puget Sound.  We said good morning to the city, watched a beautiful sunrise, listened to breakfast with the Beatles, ate pastries, and reeled them in!

I made another baby quilt for a super special little babe.  Each one I make (see: my first, quilt for Kane, & Wise Owl), I love more than the last.  They are a lot of work when you sit and look at the finished product, but for some strange reason I love cutting up fabric into tiny little pieces and sewing it all back together again.

We're both still taking a picture every day as a way of documenting the everyday, and as an exercise to sometimes think outside the box and improve our photography.  When Cory bought our 8-15mm fisheye lens last year, I told him he had to use it every-single-day for 365 days...and he did, always at 10mm, for 366 days since it was a leap year.

I've been documenting all of the happenings in our lives this year in a Project Life album.  I'm thinking of it more as a journal, and a vehicle for getting some of the 1000's of photos we take printed and into some type of album instead of living forever in the computer.
That makes my main focus on pictures (and a place to store memorabilia), which has let me keep things simple.  I always include the dates of the week (Monday thru Sunday, so our entire weekends are included in the same week spread), and a little bit of journaling about highlights or happenings of the week.  For the most, part I've been able to keep up without feeling too overwhelmed about 52 two-page spreads. 
I'm not using the traditional 12x12 format, instead I stocked up on several different 8.5x11 page protectors from Amazon and I just choose the layout I want to use that week.  I do plan on continuing with Project Life in 2013!

I lovey-love my 5DMK3, we've gotten to know each other pretty well over the past several months.  It feels almost like an extension of my arm.  We keep crossing things off our equipment wishlist (awesome!), but there seems to be more stuff adding onto to the bottom of the list.

Our little tiny photography business, f2 Photography is starting to bud!  In addition to little family-ish stuff here and there, we shot a really fun first-annual run/bike race, Lock-n-Load, for some friends in Seattle.

Also, we are getting ready to participate in the NCW Bridal Premiere on January 12th!

Our garage was a brewery for hard cider this fall.  Cory's great uncle Jack had some apples from his orchard pressed at Orondo Cider Works, C added some yeast, and let the fermenting begin.  Of course there was more of a science to it, but after several weeks of adding this and that during different stages in the process, we were ready to bottle.  After bottling, it had to sit and age for at least a few weeks...I tasted my first sip of the finished product last night, and I thought it was really really delicious!

Tucker!! Tucker is good.  He's got quite a personality, and sometimes attitude, and he knows that he's got our hearts wrapped around his little can they not be?!

Ummm, we took a Christmas card picture!  Big news, right?!  I wasn't quite sure how I was going to top the Rudolph nose of 2011, but the "Peanuts" idea just kind of came to me one day, (and then a lot of work went into making it happen).  Tucker's Snoopy's doghouse prop was built out of wood from old pallets with a platform on the backside.  I sewed his scarf, thrifted my blue Lucy dress, Cory's Charlie's green flannel is LLBean and I ordered the hat somewhere online, the little Charlie Brown tree was borrowed, and we hauled a generator up the snowy mountain to power the lights.  My styled shoot turned out exactly as I had visioned and planned!  I am now accepting idea submissions for our 2013 card, thank you.

I'm sure there are some gaps, but I think that just about sums up what we've been up to over the past few months I've been absent for. 

I'm trying to figure out a better work-flow for all the pictures we take on personal + professional levels, how to document our lives and keep memories, as well as the clients that we interact with...and have it somehow flow through this space to share with everyone ( well as keeping up with chores around the house, having a little bit of fun every now and then, a new full-time day job).

On January 2 I'll be starting my new job at the Chelan County Treasurer's Office where I'll be able to use a bit more of my accounting smarts.  All of a sudden four and a half years have passed with KeyBank (my, how time flies!) and this awesome opportunity came along that I had to snatch up. 

I'm in between the two jobs this week, and it's kind of like a Christmas vacation!  I'm working hard on crossing things off my long list of to-do's, and getting our booth ready for that wedding show in a couple short weeks, but still making a little time to play.  Yesterday we loaded up the snowmobiles and dove up Blewett Pass for our first ride of the year...

We're really excited about what the New Year has in store for us!
Thanks to everyone for staying loyal and checking back in here every now and then.
Happy 2013 to you!

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Wow! You two have been busy! Loved the wrap up and loved, loved, loved the Christmas card! It was adorable!