Thursday, July 7, 2011

our fabulous fourth

We managed to get a few things crossed off our chore list on the fourth before heading off for dinner & fireworks at Cory's parents place.

Waiting for it to get dark seems to take for-ever, but we killed the time by picking cherries, nature's candy.

(longest stem, ever!)

We recently got the old 20D that had been collecting dust converted to Infrared. The cherry above is really a dark red bing, but the camera captures infrared light instead of visible light, making it look more like a rainier, crazy! We're having a whole lot more fun with this thing instead of it sitting in the bottom of the closet. I tried playing with sun flair and exposure for a bit, the sensor is totally different.

We went for a stroll through the apple orchard...

and picked some of Grandpa Bob's blueberries.

As soon as it was dark enough, we got the sparklers out and set the camera on the tripod. Here's five of us waving fire around.

Then I had to see if I could spell out my name (backwards for me), which turned out pretty good, I think!

Cory came up with this creation by waving his arms up and down while spinning in a circle.

And of course, the boys played with a few of the bigger fireworks as well.

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