Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cats & Dog

We have two or three neighborhood cats that just looove to use my flower beds as their own personal litter boxes. I'm really really not okay with that. I tried sprinkling coffee grounds from our morning cup of joe, and I think it worked a little bit. I read into other remedies that I never actually tried, and we joked that to really solve the problem we just need to get a dog.

In the past several months, we've been talking more seriously about getting a furry four legged friend, we just didn't know what kind of pooch was right for us.
Several weeks ago, a friend of a co-worker brought in a litter of pups to show off how cute they were...
I snapped a picture on my phone.

There were 4 pups in the litter, three females and one big boy. We knew we wanted a male dog, and this little guy stole my heart.
We stared at the picture all week, researched Meagles, and talked about all the responsibilities of having a dog. By the end of the week we became dog owners. C'mon...look at that face, and who can resist those paws & ears?!

That was almost six weeks ago...

So far Tucker knows come, sit, shake, lay down, no, off, we're working on stay, and he's doing okay on the leash. His little internal alarm clock was set for about 5am for the first 4 weeks or so, which was a little early for me, but now he's sleeping until our alarm goes off and we're feeling more rested.

He loves hanging out in the yard and helping us with yard work (you know, keeping kitties away, pruning branches, digging an occasional little hole and whatnot). He also likes to climb on the big boulders in the back yard and watch the birds (and I think the birds like to tease him).

(yes, that little head is warm & soft, and I could just bury my face in it all day long)

Tucker is quite the adorable little ball of energy, and steals lots of attention wherever he goes.
So that hopefully explains why I've neglected the blog so bad for the past several weeks. We've also been spending lots of time in the yard busy with springtime stuff, and I've been doing some digging in my flower beds, and it looks like he's doing a good job at keeping the cats out...good boy!
I think we'll keep him.

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