Monday, May 23, 2011

around the back yard

Because I got off work an hour early last Wednesday.

And because it's was almost eighty degrees outside that day (finally!)

I made myself a glass of limeaid, played with the pup, shot some photos, and enjoyed the afternoon in the sunshine.

We've been stuck inside work work working on remodeling the kitchen for over a week now...

And because the project of the evening is rolling formica onto the counter tops, which doesn't require much involvement from a second person...I found a little bit of time to actually download the memory card to the computer.

And because I'm trying to not be such a stranger around here (which isn't working out too well for me), I'm sharing them with you. Here are a few things around my back yard...

There you have it, a little bit from around the yard. I can not wait for that garden to grow. Each year it gets bigger (and better), as we learn things from our previous crops. The hope for this year is that it doesn't take too much abuse from Mr Tucker Man.

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