Friday, January 21, 2011

WA Hwy 101 - 2009

For our first anniversary we took a little road trip.
We started in Astoria at the Washington/Oregon boarder and drove north on highway 101. We had taken a trip a few years earlier and seen the northern half of the Oregon Coast, and we wanted to continue our journey where we left off.
It only took me a year and a half to put this slideshow/video together with some of our photos (hey, I'm crossing things off my picture projects list!).
A few things you should know before watching...
** My apologies for how quickly the photos change and how small the text is, I had X-# of images to cram into a 5 minute-18 second song, and this was my first go at this sort of thing.
** Yes, we have a little thing for lighthouses and stacking rocks.
** We totally lucked out with awesome weather for the whole trip!
** I wish I'd taken more pictures of the rhododendrons; there were plenty and they were ginormous and in a rainbow of colors.
** The whole trip was beautiful, can't beat forests + beaches with your favorite person!

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