Sunday, January 16, 2011


Aaron & Shanon's wedding yesterday was so special, and beautiful, and couldn't have been more perfect. They shaved their guest list down to about thirty of their closest friends and family (pretty tough to do), and we felt so lucky to be able to be part of their big day.

Today, my mister turns thirty!

He didn't want to do anything big. We had plans to go snowmobiling, but we got rained out. So we are spending the day at home, watching the rain pour down outside, and the Seahawks lose.
The birthday fairy made him a bunting banner, red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream frosting, and fresh vanilla bean ice cream.
Happy Birthday Cory!

**edited to add**
I pulled off a successful little surprise party with his family for dinner. I did a "baked potato bar" which was simple since we've had such a busy week, and it turned out fabulous. He's a hard one to hide anything from, he usually figures things out somehow, but he had no idea I had anything up my sleeve (totally proud of myself!)
And the ice cream...I might finish off the rest of the container for breakfast, yum!

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