Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello September!

I started this post over a week ago...on September first, actually (how did it get to be the 9th already?)
Now we are trying to get everything crossed off our "to do before we leave for London" list, and finishing this post is one of them. I didn't want to leave you hanging in Lake Chelan when we'll be across the pond exploring the UK for the next two weeks.
I also want to let you know that I had good intentions for the rest of August. I did, I really really did! I had visions of posting updates several times a week, and telling y'all about all the busy things we were up to...and then the time slipped away as we were onto our next thing. Good intentions I tell ya...they were there.
So, August in a nutshell:
My cousin got married...Mr & Mrs Terrien!

The wedding was at her parent's summer home in Orondo, and they have a cherry orchard, so cherries were worked into the theme of the wedding. Those are cherries on their glasses hand painted by a talented family friend with their names & the date on the bottom.
I'm still working on getting around to editing all the pictures...I'll post an album here when that happens (but don't hold your breath!) In the meantime please enjoy this video of the girlfriend of another cousin fighting for the bouquet (Becky won!):

Their rehearsal happened to fall on the anniversary of my other cousin's five year wedding anniversary, which is the wedding that Cory & I met at. The rehearsal dinner was held at the same place as that wedding too. I'm not sure if that makes much sense to many of you, but it was kind of neat...we even ended up staring at the sky and watching for meteors just like we had done five years before.

I could not find a thing to wear to the wedding, (her color was purple, and I wanted to match -of course). I searched high and low when we were in Seattle and I was ready to throw down bucko bucks for something, just something that was the right color, and fabric that I wouldn't roast in the 95*+ heat in, that was summery but formal enough for a wedding. And then if it met all the criteria, that it was in my size, please! No luck, so I hit up JoAnn for a dress pattern and some silky-like purple floral material & linen for the lining. I spent a good chunk of my early August evenings measuring, and cutting, and pinning, and sewing. I did get some help with the invisible zipper in the back and the hem on the bottom from my sweet mother in law, but it was pretty fun to say that I made my dress when people commented on it! :)

Aside from pretending to be a seamstress, I've been spending lots of quality time with my sewing machine working on other projects...a travel purse/pouch for our trip, a baby quilt for a friend due in a few weeks, a bib & burp cloth set for another friend who just welcomed a baby girl to their family.

When I'm not sewing, I can be found in the kitchen. The other weekend I made 3 batches of raspberry jam, a few jars of pickles, and 7 pints of diced tomatoes. We're also trying to eat up lots of zucchini, cucumbers, and beets from the garden. Anyone have any good recipes for zucchini? I've been shredding or dicing it and freezing it in 2 cup bags, since that's how much most cake/muffin/bread recipes call for. And now I'm officially on the hunt for the best pizza dough recipe - we've been grilling lots of pizza. Oh, and fresh peach ice cream is good stuff!

A couple weeks ago we went to the NCW Fair in Waterville. Of course we brought our cameras along and we went on a tour of the wheat fields and hunted for old barns.

Perhaps I should share more pictures from this adventure when we return from our trip...we had a lot of fun and got several interesting shots that day.

Paddle boarding.

Have you heard of it? You stand on a giant surfboard, and paddle. The concept may seem kind of lame, but once you are on the thing it's pretty fun. I've only been once, but Cory has been going quite often with a friend. It's a really good work out, and I found it to be pretty relaxing to row along.

I think that's a pretty good "in a nutshell" list of what we've been up to.
The next day and a half we are getting packed and taking care of a few last minute things before taking off for two weeks! The other evening I was revisiting the London Quick Guide on Decor8 that I had bookmarked a while back...getting excited!!
I hope to maybe post a picture or two from over there, just to show you how much fun we're having :)

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