Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh snap!

Cory has been saving up all his extra money (literally, pennies) for a new camera.
I have him the "go ahead" because I may secretly want a new camera...
(not quite sure if it's his or mine?)
And I was getting tired of hearing about the cool features daily.
And after officially booking our tickets to London in September,
we figured we'd want a new camera for the trip.
And then B&H put it on sale, so that sealed the deal.

Hello 7D!! Holy-geez this thing is fancy!
Waaay too many buttons and functions and settings and options...
Add a battery grip and a big lens to the mix, and you've got one heavy piece of equipment.
I think we already nicknamed it "the monster"
I'll let him figure out how to operate the thing (he's reading the instruction manual and playing around right now), then I'll steal it after he shares his wisdom with me :)
I can tell you that I'm already loving the HD video this thing shoots, the 3" LCD screen on the backside, and that the ISO goes up to 12,800 baby!

We MUST go on a little adventure this weekend!


alissa said...

i've missed you, my friend!
london and a 7d! woohoo!
can you adopt me? ;)


Julie said...

eeeeeee! New camera and a trip to London. jealous, jealous, jealous! But in a "I'm really happy for you" kind of way. :)

Tyler Berge said...

Nice I can't wait to see the pics you guys shoot when you are here. We can't wait for your arrival!