Tuesday, June 8, 2010

almost mr & mrs

Brandon & Jayme's wedding is on Saturday. We are in charge of their "guest book" and they want a huge photo mat to sign with a photo of them inside to frame and hang on their wall. We've been trying to schedule a photoshoot for about three weeks now, because they want the photo to be in the boat on the water. The problem is...we would either get rained out (we've had a lot of rain over here lately), or it would be too windy (which isn't out of the ordinary), or the evening wouldn't work with one of our four schedules. Tonight the weather was as good as it was going to get, so we went down and snapped some photos. They have lots to choose from (something to the tune of 200+), but I think this is one of my faves:

And then Brandon went for a tow (because you can't take your boat out and have such nice water and not go for a tow...even if it's fa-reez-ing!)

And then he tried doing a surface 360 and fell.

And then he hopped out pretty quick!

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