Tuesday, March 23, 2010

good burgers & frigid waters

Last summer we tested out all the burger joints between Leavenworth & Chelan (well, all except for two, we made it to 8 out of 10) in search of the BEST burger joint. We called it "BurgerFest 2009" and we ordered the same thing at each so we could compare apples to apples, er-- "burgers to burgers," and we filled out a scorecard I had made.
(Still working on getting the mini book completed - slacker!)
EZ's Burger Deluxe was the winner!
Let me just tell you a little something about EZ''s the BEST! They have "tightwad Tuesday" and you can get their gigantic deluxe burger for $1.99/$4.69 for the meal.
I worked a half day today (have to work on Saturday), so Cory took me out to lunch...guess where we went?
You can also "eat great after 8:00 for $2.88" which is a little late, but that is about the time we get all the tools put away and get showered after working in the yard on the guess where we've been the last two Saturday nights? You get a burger (we add Tillamook), choice of fries/tots/potato salad, & a drink...such a deal!
Aaand it is sooo delicious, they have the best sauce!
We took our EZ's to a park down on the water today, it was maybe 60* or so - a nice day to sit on a bench an enjoy a burger & fries. Around the corner walks two high school-ish-aged kids with towels. We munched on our fries and wondered what on earth...? They walked down the ramp to the dock. She stripped down to her bikini, and he was wearing a speedo! They chatted amongst themselves for a few minutes, and we tried to figure out if they were going to sunbathe or go for a swim...what are they doing?
Then they walked about half way back up the ramp, held hands, and ran for it. They jumped out of the water just about as fast as they went in. I shivered for them. Now they can say "we jumped in the river in March." Yes, the mighty Columbia on the 23rd of March (and I think you are crazy to jump in the river sans wetsuit in June!)
Oh, and this reminds me -- I saw a wakeboard boat with someone in tow the other weekend, and I was a little bit jealous...until I thought about how cold the water must be! I don't care if you are wearing a wetsuit, spring is just arriving and that water is fa-reezing!
Some people are just crazier than me I guess.
I think I'll wait for the weather to warm up just and bit and for that ice cold snowmelt to pass thankyouverymuch (but please summer, hurry!)
We finished our burgers, snapped a picture, and went about our merry way.

Went to check out fun things like rototillers and gravel & sand - which are the next things we need for our yard - so that we can get it DONE - so that when summer does get here and the river is warm (ahem, it never gets warm...just not as cold) we don't have major yard work to do - and we can go out and play on the water.

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tnt521 said...

You two are much smarter than that other couple! Can you say crazy! And lovely photo...when are you going to be back this way?

tammy t

ps. Have you heard carly's news? And no, it's not a baby!