Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello, hello!

January 27th, eek! Where has the month gone?
I wish I could say that I've been crossing things off my to do lists like its nobody's business, but that's not the case. Just haven't really made this blog space a real priority.
So what have we been up to in the past few weeks?
Work, and work.
Shooting guns.

Playing with friends.

Doing tricks on my snowmobile.

A little yard pick-up once the snow melted.
Projects here and there around the house, including dates to Lowe's.
Aaaaand that's about it.
This weekend is the beginning of the Big Seattle Boat Show. Treasury just happens to be having a Valentine open house on Saturday, and that sounds like a whole lot more fun to me. Hmmm...boat show, or Bellingham? I choose Bellingham!


alissa said...

better see you there. :)

Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

We're SO glad you chose us over the Boat Show. Loved seeing you! And loved that sweet lil' camera of yours too! Come again soon...but let's have more time next go around? :)

tnt521 said...

Shooting guns! You are a girl of many talents! It was so great to see you on Saturday...hoping for a longer visit next time...