Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treat!

A treat from Cory...jack-o-lantern toast before work this morning.

Cory carving...we got a new keyhole saw at Lowe's last night.

We grew it in our one-pumpkin-patch.

My jack-o-lantern wanted to dress up as an owl this year.

Happy Halloween!
We'll be handing out candy to kiddos that come to the door, eating cupcakes, and watching the poor Cougs play Notre Dame on national TV while listening to it on the local radio station for their commentary, and then game 3 of the World Series.


Anonymous said...

Love the owl costume on Jack....It looks like it will be a nice (weather wise) evening for all the "trick or treaters" Hope you have some to see the pumpkins.

alissa said...

LOVE your owl jack o lantern! so cute!


tnt521 said...

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Love your pumpkins...and I love the newspaper leaf garland from your previous post...wondering if it could be replicated with the sillouette cutting them out!