Thursday, October 29, 2009

more of that cleaning up windows & tabs & stuff...

(click on photos for sources)

Found a new website full of random photos from Flickr photostreams. Subscribe to feed? Yes please!!

I think I might not carve a jack-o-lantern this year, but put a mask on my pumpkin instead. Thinking about an owl, with inspiration from Martha:

& The Long Thread:

& JoAnn:

I'm loving this newspaper leaf pretty.

An idea to keep in the back of my mind because I love the simplicity & know where I can find a few walnuts...

I'm thinking about taking up embroidery. Finding the time would be the hardest, so maybe not. But you can seriously make the prettiest things out of floss.

This calendar project is very very cool. Check out the video of the making. I kind of want to photograph my own set of letters & numbers.

That's it for tonight.
I just finished frosting some Halloween treats, bedtime now.
Yay for Friday!!

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