Sunday, October 4, 2009

getting organized

Last night we did some organizing...
The laundry room was getting a little too out of control again. Part of the problem is that the closet in the bedroom just isn't big enough to fit all of my clothes (imagine that!) Well, I guess it is plenty big, it's just the way the doors are laid out makes it tough to get anything in and out of the corner parts. So the usable space is too small, and I need another makeshift closet rack. Part 2 of the problem is that a lot of "yard sale" stuff is being stored in there and taking up precious space along the opposite wall, along with other boxes of Cory's stuff that he just can't part with. And that is just means we just have a lot of boxes. The other part of the out of control laundry room problem is Costco and no real pantry space in the kitchen.
I feel like I'm exposing myself by posting all (ahem, part) of our junk...but here is our "before" picture last night.

Notice makeshift closet rack & Costco items & that cute little baby pantry. The microwave is a "yard sale" item...unless you need a microwave?
I didn't take a picture of the other side of the room, so just imagine boxes of yard sale stuff, seasonal decor, a few wakeboards, luggage, a small dresser, and lots of random stuffs with no real place to call home that land in the catch-all pile on top of Cory's foosball table.

We got a bigger pantry cupboard storage unit thingie, and upgraded the closet rack, and then rearranged all the boxes on the other side of the room.

Still some work to do, but it's oh-so-much-mo-betta in there. Now all of our Costco items can be neatly stowed away in the "pantry." The little baby pantry moved to a different wall and turned into storage for cleaning supplies, rag towels, kitchen linens, and paper products. Oh, and the microwave is in the stack of neatly piled boxes of yard sale stuff (that will hopefully go away when we actually have a yard sale someday).
Cory is happy that we are one step closer to being able to have full access to the foosball table...and I'm just happy to be a bit more organized.
On the other hand, we are not so happy with the Seahawks...

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