Monday, August 17, 2009

time to clean up the computer again...

I was getting a little carried away with links & tabs open in several windows again, here's what I've been looking at...

for when we have a nice back yard...wouldn't these lanterns be neat!

If you ever wondered how different groups of American's spend their days...broken down by activity and hour, you really should check this out. (click on the different groups on the top right)

Recipe for coconut cupcakes. Yum, these sound divine!

I'm also perusing several recipes for our ONE GIANT zucchini from the garden.

Found these sweet custom embroidered hearts at MiniatureRhino's Etsy store...sooo cute!

And I am loving this paper lace garland made from doilies, so pretty!

That takes care of quite a few of my links.
Tomorrow our brand spankin new 14" HP laptop arrives...and I get to "junk" that up. Not really. Cory already made me promise that I only do the window & tab thing on one computer.

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