Friday, July 10, 2009

another week...

My apologies for my absence for the past week...just been busy with stuff, and not a whole lot of blog-worthy things going on I guess.

After work tonight, I met Cory & friends Brandon & Jayme at the river. I wakeboarded & surfed. For my first ride of the season, I didn't want to do anything too crazy because I don't want to be miserably sore tomorrow.
Sixty degree water is still pretty chilly...I think I might go with the shorty wetsuit instead of just the neoprene top next time.

Super-fun! I love boating!

Tomorrow we have plans to build a firewood keeper thingie...maybe a little playing in the dirt out back (raking out that fun!)
Then off to Cory's cousin, Rochelle's wedding. From the wedding, we'll drive to Mt. Vernon to stay with friend, Fish. And to the Mariner's game on Sunday, then home.

Oh, last weekend I did get to see my most favorite person in the whole wide world...Miss Lindsay Loo! :)

(we love spooning pictures)
She's in Seattle till Sunday, and we might even get to meet up with her again in Pioneer Square before the M's game (keepin' my fingers crossed!)

Happy weekend!

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