Sunday, March 15, 2009

more cleanup

Here are a few more pictures I found in the archives...

This picture somehow got buried in the computer, but it was the funniest thing at the time. Cory needed new deodorant, and he wasn't super partial to the kind he'd been using {kind of like me and my mascara}. Who would ever think there would be so many to choose from? Look at this WALL of options!

I remember, he seemed so overwhelmed and lost at the time. He did find a good one, and doesn't stink as much now. ;)

I got a hounds tooth stamp a while back at Impress, and was pretty excited about it. Cory took this with the new 50mm lens...which I was also pretty excited about.

Paperclip hearts. So cute. How come I 'd never seen this idea before?

We've seen a ton of these guys wherever we go lately. They give me the goosebumps for some a good way.

And this photo was taken at Sassy's Diner during my newly-married, pre-employment days. When I could tag along with Cory when he'd run errands for the shop, and we'd have lunch together.

That's it. I think I have just about all the computer business in order.
Just waiting for the new one to get here.
Annie, I know you've been waiting to webcam...soon, my friend. Soon.