Friday, March 13, 2009

cleaning up computers

Cory was able to get on the dead computer's hard drive and get everything that wasn't backed up on other hard drives {mostly my stuff} off the desktop. I have folders & folders of stuff. Stuff that I save, file away, and forget about. Now I have this huge re-filing project involving 3 or 4 different hard drives. My goal is to get everything organized and condensed down onto one. Not that things aren't organized now. We've got a good system. Really, we do. Things are just all over the place, and it'll be nice to have everything in one spot {with a copy backed up somewhere else, of course}.
In my cleaning, I found this folder "pages to blog"...I had intentions of sharing these pages with you a few months ago, but never got around to it, so here they are now, better late than never:

I haven't had much time to scrap anything lately. Just trying to keep up with my p365. I printed more photos today, but my journaling pages are stuck way back in January still. Maybe if I get caught up on that, I'll share those pages with you too...maybe.
Ok, more organizing.

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Alissa said...

love the pages, michelle. you should come to one of out p365 crops sometime. how about tonight? :)