Friday, February 13, 2009

it's Friday the 13th

Nothing too exciting happened today, but here are a few noteworthy things...

** During my lunch, I brought Cory balloons and chocolate at work because I wanted to embarrass him just a little bit for Valentine's day...and I think it worked :)

** I have to work tomorrow, but Monday is President's Day
= bank holiday
= paid day off! I really do have a 2 day weekend.

** Tomorrow is also the Apple Blossom Pageant, and I'm super excited for some reason.

** I saw a commercial for this new CoverGirl mascara the other day.

It has "light-reflecting metallics and a hint of tint bring out your blues...for 4x brighter eyes"
I'm not really super brand-loyal to a particular mascara at the moment {I have favorites that come and go}, right now I just use what sounds good at the moment. So when I saw this commercial I had to march right out and buy me a tube. Which I thought was funny because I'm usually not a sucker when it comes to advertising stuff like this.
I'm not quite sure it really makes my blue look bluer & brighter, but it's fun for now I suppose.

ok, I think that's about it for now.
I need to get to work on a special valentine for a special someone, and I'm also makin' my mama's valentine macaroons, yummy! :)

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