Tuesday, November 4, 2008

random tuesday.

Ah, today is election day...
That means no more of those campaign ads that I am so sick & tired of after today, yay!
That also means that the results show for Dancing With the Stars is delayed until Wednesday night because of election stuff/coverage on TV tonight.
And Wednesday, I am going to the Wenatchee Wild hockey game with everyone from work {we have a suite!} I don't get to see the results show for Dancing With the Stars. Oh well, I guess.

Sunday, we did the family photo thing, and it actually went pretty well. I think it might be a while for the photo, but here's one of me & Cory.

We also tidied up the laundry room like I was talking about.
here's the before...

and here's the after, more organized...

There's still a lot of stuff, and you still can't get to the foosball table, but at least its more tamed. And why we have 10 wakeboards & 5 sets of bindings in the house...I do not know. Oh, and here is what that room looked like the first visit to the house a little over a year ago...eek!

Today there are white caps of snow high up on the hilltops...and I hear the snow level is supposed to be moving down.

Last night, Cory randomly said to me "the Jeep has go-go-juice, it's gonna mob!"
We checked a few things the other day, and couldn't find what could have been the problem for that check engine light. I drove the truck yesterday, and he put premium gas & some type of fuel stuff in the Jeep, and the light didn't come back on...and hopefully it stays that way.
Also, I think there might be something having to do with there being exactly 120,100 miles on the car when it decided to turn on, and then it was stopped and started however-many times...enough to reset some kind of computer in there.

We are deciding which events to purchase tickets for for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, cool!
We're planning on going up there with Fish and he definitely wants to go to a hockey that he can't pronounce any of the last names of the players. And I think I'm outnumbered 2:1 for figure skating, plus tickets are super expensive.

Another cool thing...if you send a text to Google {466453} with anything you want to know in the message part {weather, sports teams, restaurants...just about anything!}, you will get a text back with the info. It's like calling 411, but better.

That's it from me for now, happy random Tuesday! :)

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Cory's Mom said...

You have 10 boards, and 5 sets of bindings because Cory is his fathers son and they both have the same last name. The same reason I have 4 reel to reel players, 6 record turntables, and an unknown amount of boxes with little knobs and gages in our big room and basement, closets, storage etc.!!!!I am sure someday he will sell some of them??? yeah right!!!!MOM