Saturday, June 28, 2008

weekend wedding extravaganza!

And that it was!
Last weekend, that is. It has just taken me a while to get all the pictures sorted out.
We drove in one giant circle to attend TWO weddings. Total drive time was about 10 hours, and we covered about 550 miles.

On Friday, we left for Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop for Annie & Brian's wedding. I was in the wedding, so we did the whole rehearsal thing, and then headed to his family's property for a BBQ dinner. We hiked around and watched the sun much fun, and what a beautiful place!

Saturday was Annie's big day, and it could not have been more perfect.

Well...besides Brian really injuring his foot from falling on his dirt-bike earlier in the week {notice the crutches in the back on the left}. Yeah, good job Brian. They were going to hike the Na Poli Coast on Kauai during their they are sitting on a beach with a walking boot.

This time I really did put together an album of *some* of the pictures we took...see it here!

And one very cool part of the reception was when a friend "spun fire"

We came prepared with a tripod and took pictures...and yes, I uploaded an album of those as well!

Sunday morning, we got up and went to brunch with all the wedding peeps before taking the North Cascades Highway over to Seattle for wedding #2. We did spend a short amount of time in Winthrop.

I couldn't leave without checking out a few little shops.

We drove and drove and drove, and stopped a couple times for some pictures...
...of the mountains with snow a big waterfall

...and a few others {but I've already got enough pictures in this post}.
Ok. One more, because I think its cute :)

{one camera around each of our necks, and a third to take the that ridiculous?}

We arrived in town just in time to change real quick and make it to the Cove for Kayla & Ryan's wedding.

Another beautiful wedding, and I was able to spend some quality time with Miss Lindsay-Loo...I love that girl to pieces!

...and yep, more pictures of this wedding can be found here.

Alright, I'm "blogged" out. I don't know how you do those long posts, are my blogger-idol :) It's HOT outside, I think we might go do something fun...the river looks nice and my wakeboard STILL hasn't been used this season...


Anonymous said...

hey cute girl...
nice pictures! Hey guess what we found at the store? Well...Elizabeth did. Your pink zip drive! Email me you addy & I'll send it to you :)

Michelle said...

Wow! You got some excellent pictures! I especially like the dancing pics at Annie and Brian's wedding.

But where are the pictures of your wedding???