Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I CAUGHT him trying to surprise me with fowers! he bought these for me at the Tulip Festival instead:

Cory made his journey to Bellingham for the weekend last Friday. I wanted to run to the grocery store to pick up a last-minute item for dinner {I was craving a good cheese}, so I called him to see where he was to get an idea of his ETA. One minute he was 40 minutes away, the next he was 25, and the next he didn't know where he was! I was getting a little frustrated because he has driven this drive so many times, and he knows the road & driving time from one landmark to the could he honestly have no idea?!

Whatever. He'll be here when he gets I went to the store under the impression that I had enought time to go and come back before he arrived. As I was paying for my cheese, I look out the door, and in walks this guy on a mission...he was headed straight for the flower department. I yell "Cory!"...he saw me at the checkstand and looked a bit confused. He didn't know if he should continue to the flowers, or come over to greet me. He came over. I asked if I had just caught him trying to surprise me with flowers. "Yes...." and he explained how he was fibbin' to me about where he was along the drive when I asked {he was trying to buy himself some time to stop}, because he knows that I know how long it would take to drive from any given location.

I told him he could just buy me some flowers in Mt. Vernon, it was the thought that counted :) What crazy timing though!

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