Thursday, October 18, 2007

something sexy

Annie and I just got back from Something Blue in LaConner...she found a very expensive dress {but SO perfect!} They didn't really have the type of veil or shoes I'm looking for...but I did find 'something sexy' that I will eventually need, and this one was hand made and just so darling I couldn't pass it up...a garter! The lady wrapped it up so cute in a little pink box, and then in this bag...but no peeking! There was also some pretty hand made beaded jewelry, but I think I'm just going to go with Graceful Beads on Vashon Island {my Mom knows the lady}, I'll have her design me something.

I suppose I should go out and face the wind and walk to campus {I have a few things to do before class at 4:00}. I survived the night last night, it wasn't windy at all, it really just started picking about an hour ago or so. It is currently blowing 23 mph and gusting up to 38...I just checked ;) It's also snowing on Stevens Pass, joy...

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