Wednesday, October 17, 2007

blustery night

It's all over the news...a storm is coming tonight, and its bringing lots of wind with it! It's supposed to be like the December 14, 2006 storm {that brought down trees in my neighborhood...even on my poor car}. My how the wind howls behind my building, right outside my bedroom window...hopefully I'm able to sleep tonight {I have to get up and be in LaConner at Something Blue by 9:00 with Annie - she needs a dress, I need a veil/shoes/earrings}. I know that isn't too early, but I've been going to bed super late at night {it happens when you don't have class till noon} - so I could really use the sleep. Its also starting to really get chilly at night, I could also use one of those heated mattress pads. Speaking of the windstorm last year...A few weeks ago I heard about a "blackout babyboomlet" in Seattle, I thought it was kind of funny.

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