Sunday, August 19, 2007

Surprise Delivery

Yesterday, when I got to work, I was out in front of the shop straightening up the tube display, when a man in a van pulled up.

He parked, but didn't turn the car off {I thought he just had to run in for some moose juice or something real quick, before heading to the water for the weekend or something}.

He opened up the back door of the van and reached for a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Just being my friendly joking-self, I said "Ooh...are those for me?"

The man said, "Yes." {I thought he was just trying to humor me by doing the friendly joking-thing back, and they were really for someone else...or that he just had the wrong address altogether}.


"Yeah, is your name Michelle?"

"Umm, yeah..." {blushing}

"Well then, here you go! Have a great day!"

Not knowing what I did to deserve this, "Ok, thanks!"

I happily swaggered into the office with my flowers. I was almost positive I knew who they were from {who else could it be?} But sweet little acts of kindness like this are rare, so I had to double-check the card before I could be certain.
~ Just a note to let you know I am thinking of you!! ~
Aww, that is totally Cory wording :) He does random things like this occasionally {so the times he does, it's even more more special} The problem is that usually he doesn't keep the secret very well, and as grateful as I am, the surprise-element has been ruined. But this time, he pulled it off!

After the last late customers left 30 minutes after we officially close, I was not a very happy camper {staying late on Saturday's is the worst!} I went into the office to grab my purse and my flowers...and my day was suddenly better.

Thanks Cory, xo

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