Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Neighbors

When I got home from work one day last week, my Grandparent's said that their friends Harry & Edith had called them and said that they had to come and meet their new neighbors...20+ GOATS!! The people who own the lot next to them hired a heard to come and clear the blackberry bushes that had taken over the steep hill. Hey, it provided good entertainment, and they didn't have to listen to any machinery on a steep slope, and everything was 'processed' and provides good fertilizer...good thing it wasn't too hot for a few days, or it would have been really smelly!
You can't really tell that there are at least 20 of them...they are all munching through the bushes.

They reached and practically jumped for the good tasty leaves. They ate everything, thorns & all.

Climbin' in the bushes.

And these guys were just CUTE!!

Resting on the job.


This is the progress they made in just one day. It took 4 days to clear.

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Anonymous said...

I think 206 mcgee needs these!