Monday, June 4, 2007

takin' a Breather

I don't really have the time to be blogging right now...but need a moment to breathe before getting started on more school work. I got up, and ready/made coffee/Cory packed and gave me a ride to school on his way out of town this morning, I had class from 8-10, came home and took a nap for an hour {I wouldn't have survived the day without it}, back to class from 12-2 {but got out a little early to go to the WWU Center for Instructional Innovation, Innovative Teaching Showcase. My environmental accounting professor was one of three professors 'showcased' this year {click on the "multimedia showcase" then one of the subjects under "teaching for a sustainable future" - I am in the shots of the class over on the far right...most of the time being blocked by the head of the guy between me and the camera} There was free food...which is always a plus.} Then I had a group meeting from 2-4, and another one from 4-5...and I just {finally} got home. It was a good thing for those veggies & dip, and tasty cheese platter at that thing, because otherwise I would be starving. Here I sit, taking a little rest to think about what to do next because I have a TON more work to do. I don't know how the last week of the quarter sneaked up on me so quickly...but here it is! and I have papers & presentations & assignments due this week...then lots of studying this weekend for 3 finals on Tuesday and one more on Thursday...just a little stressed.

On another note...I did have an EXCELLENT Birthday. I don't really have time for detail, but Cory and I went to Clayton Beach at Larrabee State Park {which was the only thing I absolutely wanted to do, so that made me super-happy}. We saw tons of sand dollars {and brought some home of couse!} Lindsay arrived in the afternoon...we did presents and looked at scrapbooks, then went to Pita Pit and Callaloo for a drink. Came home and had a couple tasty-beverages and played Jenga till the "kids" {Justin & Jesy} got here. Everyone visited for a while, then we got ready and headed out for some fun. We started at HotShotz Martini Bar, there was this hypnotist who wasn't all that great {neither were the drinks}, then we went to the Royal which was so much more fun, and we all came back and crashed at my little one-bedroom apartment. For breakfast, I made some sticky buns that I had been craving {they were tasty!}, then Lindsay took off, and Cory and I took "the kids" down to Boulevard Park for a little walk and we played with the crabs under the rocks. Then they took off, Cory and I printed some pictures to scrapbook {which I'm not going to be able to get around to in the next 2!}, went and looked at cameras :) {I have no idea which one it is...but I want one!} and then we went and played tennis, had some dinner {Cory ate his first artichoke}...and then it POURED down rain! There was a thunder & lightening storm, so we decided to drive down and park above Boulevard to watch...which was pretty neat! We stopped by Annie & Brian's on the way home, then went to bed...and got up this morning and {see beginning of this post}.

Yay! It was a good weekend, I am exhausted and have a ton of homework to do. I would upload some pictures of the good times, but I really should be getting to work. I did, however, update the M & C - year 2 album the other day...4 new pages from Memorial Day weekend.

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