Wednesday, June 13, 2007

RaNdOm thoughts of the day

1 - yay for free pearls! Cory got a special invite-postcard thing to some anniversary at Button Jewelers {where he had my pearl ring made} good for a free set of pearl earrings {$100+ value!} for the first 250 people. Cory had a busy day and didn't get over there, but he sent his Mom to get them...and she bought some smaller ones for herself too {thanks Sally!}

2 - As I was walking through Red Square on my way to the library to write a take-home final paper, and I saw some kiteboarding kites blown up and a table set up with 3 or 4 guys sitting by the fountain. I approached them and asked them where they kiteboard at, they said right out in Bellingham Bay. I was surprised, I've never seen anyone out there but I'll have to keep my eye out. I told them I work at Wiley's, so thats why I was interested...they acted like they hung out with Darren all the time {they just know who he is - who doesn't?} and tried to recruit me to join in on the fun, but being drug around by a kite in the cold water doesn't sound like my cup of tea {actually it looks really fun, but learning how to fly those things and finding the time to do it seems tough}

3 - Another thing on a Wiley note ~
I went by the post office the other I was sitting at a traffic light waiting to turn, there was a boat pumping gas at the gas station on the corner {the boat wasn't actually pumping know what I mean} I noticed this boat had a tower {like most do these days}...and on that tower there were board racks...and in those racks were 2 wakeboards & 2 waterskis = DANGER!
The light turned green, I swung by the post office, and on my way back down the road I made a stop at that gas station...rolled down my window, pulled up on the other side of the pump from them and said "hey guys!" The responded with the typical {ooh, its a chick, and we have a boat - we are studs...but one of them was still wearing his full wetsuit, and the other in his gooru top} "whats up!?" I told them "I just wanted to let you know that its pretty dangerous to drive with boards & skis on your tower" They assured me that they knew and that they were just on their way home which wasn't very far, and they weren't driving any faster than they go on the water.
ok...first of all, you wakeboard at like 20+/- mph, I doubt they were driving that slow...and secondly, it doesn't matter how far you are driving, its just dangerous! They didn't get it, oh well...just trying to help make our lives safer, one stupid boater at a time... {there's a lot of them out there!}
They did have Wiley bindings on the skis though...I told them thats where I work and thats why I was just lookin out. I said "alright, well have fun out there!" they said "thanks" and I took off {for JoAnn, hehe}

And one more thing...since that "king of spam" guy got caught and arrested the other week, I feel like my spam folder has significantly decreased...yay :)

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