Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i want i want i want...

It seems like there is always something you really want, but it just seems a little out of the question. Some things are just a little too pricey, and really - you are getting by just fine with what you have, so you just can't justify spending the money. Here is just a little list {in no particular order, with the exception of #1} of those high-ticket items on me & Cory's list:
  • DSLR camera for Michelle
  • a flash for Cory's camera
  • another tripod {for Michelle's car - its good to have one wherever you go, and we seem to always get stuck without one when I drive anywhere}
  • new laptop {to share} :)
  • some cord for a DVD player {don't ask, not my arena}
  • Cory claims to need a new computer chair
  • Michelle needs her own wakeboard
  • I'd also like a Dooney handbag
  • and some crafty stuff {always} gets expensive!
  • Cory needs a new set of rubber for his truck before winter
  • The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train would be fun to do before it changes course to Tacoma in August for the widening of I-405
  • we're also planning a little road-trip with Annie & Brian to Yellowstone in September...another expense
  • we were just discussing how polarized sunglasses {x2} would be nice...
Ahh, we will have all the things we want someday...until then, its nice to think about it ;)

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SadieMBeagle said...

I got my stylie (used) computer chair for $20 off may have sat in it even! Also check out eBay or vintage/thrift stores. Some people aren't into that, but I'm a huge fan of recycling stuff instead of buying new (depends on the item in question, of course!). Good luck!