Monday, May 21, 2007

A Few RaNdOm Notes...

So I had a semi-stressful/emotional weekend, but overall it was good. I had the BEST clam chowder with my Grandparents, and then spent time with Anna...painting nails & watching a 'chick-flick' {Because I Said So...pretty cute!} - I love that girl!

I also went to my brothers girlfriend {Jesy's} Mary Kay cosmetics debut party with my Mama on Sunday. We had a good time, and I wish her the best of luck with her new business!
{The cupcakes she made from scratch were delicious!}

My Mom & I also went through some of my boxes in the basement...I can be a bit of a pack-rat, but I did get rid of some stuff, and it felt good.
In one of the boxes, I came across a few pictures of me & Justin...
he's SO cute!

Thats us when we went to visit/tour the USS Nimitz.
The one of just him is at the Woodland Park Zoo when he came along with my brownie troop for a behind-the-gates tour. We were told "not to stick our hands through the fence" of the white tiger cage...and being a whatever-year-old little boy he was, {of course} he had to...Luckily Mr. Tiger only got his shirt! And then, thats us sitting on the dock {drinking A&W rootbeer} at Seacrest Park on Alki {notice the Kingdome in the background!}

I also have to share this...
{He's probably going to be a little embarrassed, but} Cory saved one of the postcards from this weeks PostSecret and emailed it to me with the caption below it. Sometimes the distance can get really get hard for us at times, but little things like this is all I need to brighten my day. Isn't he the cutest?! :)

On another "Cory note"...he has this nest of baby Robins in the orchard that hatched the other day. I know the picture looks a little disgusting and you can't really tell how many there are, but they are only a day or 2 old. I'm gonna make him take daily pictures {I suppose every other day would do} to see how the baby birdies are growing. How exciting to be able to watch a nest grow!

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