Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ten on 10, June

Here's my June edition of this monthly project, all pictures taken on the tenth day of the month.  I could have told a better story of the day, and I wish I would have included an image of how our garden is growing at the moment, but here goes...

1. Good morning pup!  He sleeps on his own bed on the floor beside me, but around 5am he's started this habit of whining and pawing at me to climb under the covers, and I'm a sucker...

2. We shot a wedding on Saturday, and had a family session on Sunday, so we're editing like it's our job - oh, wait...

3. While Cory sat in front of the computer editing, I sat in front of my sewing machine (and it felt so good!)  The binding is ready to go on, and I am in love with how this one is turning out!

4. The only picture I took of the yard, but I'm pretty excited about all the hydrangea blooms we'll have this year.

5. Blueberries, fresh from his grandpa Bob's garden. YUM!!  (Cherries are ready too!)

6. As if clicking the shutter 2000+ times in the last two days weren't enough, we had our monthly photo club meeting at Ohme Gardens.

7. We were pretty shutter-bugged out, but we played with different techniques, and flash, and grabbed for some lenses each of us don't typically use.

8. ...and practiced patience with my AI-servo button in the wind.

9. If I were a fairy, I'd choose to live here.

10. The sun sunk down, and we headed home (and got to work editing some more photos, and corresponding with clients...and then Tucker woke me up again the next morning...)

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