Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Back Yard | Number Two Canyon

A couple weekends back, Cory ran a 10K race in Chelan on Saturday morning.  He came home and rested for part of the day, then we decided we had to get out of the house and do something.  A trip to the gas station and grocery store was better than nothing, so we headed out.  As we were driving down the road, I had a craving for a slurpee (it was HOT!), so we pulled into Seven-Eleven, and as we were getting back on the road to the grocery store we got to talking about going for a short drive.  Before we knew it, we were driving up Number 2 Canyon Road out of Wenatchee.

We've heard of this road, but just never ventured up it, and this late afternoon seemed like a perfect time to go explore.  The road quickly got steep and rocky, but we saw some neat rock formations, and kept climbing the mountain.

Stopped to consult the gazetteer just to make sure we were on the right track, and figure out where we might be coming out at.  Always good to know where you're going...or not!

Oh, yeah...and we happened to have a camera with us, we never really leave home without one.  Since our little drive was totally on the fly, we didn't go back for other lenses, so we were stuck with the 40mm that was on it, which let us enjoy the drive a little more, and take a little less pictures.  But of course we still stopped for a few :)

Also, I wasn't really dressed for a drive up a mountain with pit stops to explore a little bit...but that didn't really stop me either.

The ruts in the road got bigger as we got closer to the top of wherever we were headed.

We finally reached the top, and figured out where we were.  This is the view of Blewett Pass from above with the Enchantments way back there.

We snapped a few photos, then thought we'd better get headed back down.  Since we left home thinking we were just filling up the gas tank and getting some groceries...we were starting to get hungry and there was a little doggie waiting for us at home.

The road down the other side was a lot nicer than the road we had taken up.  Glad we decided to go on this little adventure.

Now we know where Number Two Canyon Road puts Cashmere, where a Rusty burger totally hit the spot since it was getting late, and we never did make it to the grocery store.

So awesome that places like this are basically in our back yard.  I think we drove something like 25 miles round trip.

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KristiKringle said...

I thought this was really fun to follow your little road trip. :)
I hope it's okay if I put a pic of you on my blog today :) .. (if not- just write back and let me know.)