Monday, July 9, 2012

Lightning Storm

I had a couple more fireworks pictures to share from the fourth, (since I rocked some handheld shots...from a boat!) but that's old news after the light show we had last night.

It's been hot over here in Eastern Washington, so we headed to Lake Chelan to keep cool yesterday.  We came home, unpacked, and were getting a couple things done before Monday morning, and we saw lights dancing in the sky off in the distance.  It was about 10:30, but within several minutes we had cameras & tripods loaded in the truck, and were heading for higher ground.
The lightning storm came through the valley, and we were set up on a hill capturing it...
This last shot is of Cory's ghost from the long exposure, and me at the bottom of the tripod steadying it from the wind (man, did that wind blow!)  The camera on the tripod is pointed straight up, and captured that huge bolt directly above us.  It scared me just a little bit, and I shook the tripod and blurred the photo (oops!)  After that one we called it a wrap and headed home.
Our heads hit the pillow just after 1am, which for made for a really long day after all that time in the sun at the lake.
I hear we might be getting another show tonight! (says prayer for no wildfires)

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