Thursday, July 19, 2012

Light around the yard

I explore the yard with a camera in hand about once a week, documenting how the garden is growing and what things look as the summer season moves right along.  I was inspired by Elise's photo walk post the other day, and her prompt: light.  Last night I took my weekly garden photos during that magic hour of the day, this time with light in mind.

All photos were shot between 7:04 & 7:16pm // Canon 7D // 40mm 2.8 // manual @ 100 ISO.


Pink Ronnie said...

Hi Michelle,
Those are some beautiful photos! I love the light at that time of the day as well. Possibly my favourite light in the entire day! Thanks for sharing this photo walk of yours. I found your blogs via Elise's blog!
Ronnie xo

KristiKringle said...

I like the light on Tucker! So fun.

KristiKringle said...

I think the barb wire shot is cool too.