Saturday, April 14, 2012

an apple orchard waking

I can't believe it was two weekends ago already, but the dog & I strolled through Cory's Great Uncle Jack's apple orchard behind my in-laws house.  It doesn't quite look like spring has sprung out there quite yet, but as he sniffed I found little signs of the changing season, and I know if I went and re-visited I would find that it looks even more spring-like.

The trees are still bare and the grass is just beginning to green up and grow again.

In a few short weeks, tree branches will be full of apple blossoms.

Workers have been through to do the pruning, and the mower has been through to chop the trimmings.

The irrigation hasn't started quite yet, but I found a bucket of parts for making repairs to the sprinklers.

Leftover crop from last year, and that bee seemed to be slowly waking up as well.

A robin looking for a place to nest and raise her babies in the next few weeks.

Rows and rows of trees, waking up and getting ready for another growing season.

This weekend we'll be finishing up a major project that has been going on in our closet for weeks, and then hopefully soaking up some sunshine and getting our hands dirty in the garden.
Enjoy your weekend!

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